5f3baa54cf573625811628be195f2609NEW MONTHLY COMPETITION !!!!!
Because we have enjoyed the wonderful wordsmithery of all you Audacious Bearded Bards out there who have left such fantastic and entertaining feedback and reviews – we have decided to reward our favourite comment at the end of EVERY MONTH with a freebie …
Our mutual choice for AUGUST and our first WINNER is =

Martin Beeby =
“Smelt so good even the fiancée grew a beard just to use it.”

Your free beard oil is in the post!

and here is our first winner ….


“As you know i’d already ordered The Buccaneer and The Wood Chopper, and after winning a competition i get sent the woodsman to complete the collection of beard oils, thankyou ever so much here’s a picture of myself with all 3.”


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