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Are you thinking about embracing your tache and supporting men’s health issues this #movember?

Are you thinking about embracing your tache and supporting men’s health issues this #movember?

We have you covered with our range of Audacious products including our Super tacky for Extra Hold Moustache Wax 〰️

All natural and handmade, our moustache wax is hydrating, strengthening, nourishing and perfect for maintaining meticulous moustaches of every length and nature – From jaunty curves to villainous twists, it can even tame the more wild and roguish of whiskers. Suitable for all discerning chaps and cheeky cads who wish to keep those whiskers precisely placed.


When buying beard care products …


Please make sure you are buying your beard care products from reputable companies. Recently we have heard about several people selling unsafe formulations. Even natural ingredients such as essential oils used in the wrong dilutions can be dangerous in pregnancy, cause skin burns, breathing problems, etc

The Audacious Adventure Beard Selfie Competition

With spring on the way  it’s a great time for getting outside and having an Audacious adventure. We want you to share with us  your Audacious beard bicycle rides, walks in the park, camping trips, etc.

We are giving away:



1 x The  Audacious Beard Shampoo Bar and Beard Oils Collection worth £32

Survival kit dog sledding adventure

(Pictured is previous competition winner and intrepid Audacious adventurer Andy)

2 x The  Audacious Beard and Moustache Survival kits worth £27

To be in with a chance of winning one of these 3 great beard grooming sets simply add a picture of your outdoors ‘Adventure beard’ in the comments feed of our facebook competition post. Alternatively you can Tweet @AudaciousBeard or on instagram @theaudaciousbeardco
The three entries with the most likes on the 18th April will each receive one of these Audacious Beard Co gift sets.

If you can’t wait to find out if you have won use our code ‘EASTERBEARD’ (valid until Easter 2017) to receive 15% off.

(Entries should be in the spirit of the competition theme and the winners will be at our discretion)



Audacious and magnificent beard competition news

beard-golden_fotorIt’s time to announce the winner of our Audacious and magnificent beard competition. Choosing the winner was no easy task with every entry being a fine example of Bearded Audacity but after much deliberation the winner of an Audacious Beard oils and balm gift set is Brendan King:

‘The beard in my life is audacious for many reasons. It affords me a certain gravitas, like all if life’s great thinkers: Darwin, Freud, Lincoln, Gandalf and Pai Mei. It affords me a stroking device for mid-conversation so it appears I am being attentive and contemplative, when in fact I am just staring off into the distance. It gives me son somewhere to hide his Lego, as well of something to stroke absentmindedly whilst he is falling asleep. It allows small woodland creatures shelter from the rain. It protects my chin from the elements. It catches the sun and dances like fire. It is not so much a part of me as the sum of my parts. I am my beard. My beard is me.’ (Brendan King)