five-stars ‘Absolutely the best. I’ve tried numerous brands, many claiming to be the strongest (or, at least, extra hold / expedition strength, or the like), some have been good, most ok, and many useless. I was a bit sceptical because this is very soft straight from the tin (even without any warming), and hence easy to apply: however, even my fairly-wispy handlebar was still in place after 12 hours (including a walked round of golf). I’ve been searching for some time for a wax that is easy to apply, non-clumping, reasonably priced and — most importantly — holds all day: I’ve found it, thanks guys 🙂

five-stars ‘Firstly WOW!!!! Delivery was incredibly quick, it was here before 9am and I ordered it Sunday! The way it was packaged was amazing you can tell the care you take in your products. The gift box is top draw and the contents….absolutely bloody amazing, I’ve used them already and blown away, the oil and balm smells so good and the brush is my new favourite thing! The stickers, cards, pin badge and wristband are first class touches. Absolutely over the moon with it all, thank you so much for the super fast delivery and incredible products.’

five-stars ‘Lovely people at the Audacious Beard Company, excellent customer service. Although, I don’t have a beard myself, the products smell delicious and I’m sure my boyfriend will enjoy them too. Would highly recommend!’

five-stars  ‘The Zazel smells amazing, think I may have found a new favourite oil and balm combo.’

five-stars ‘This was my gift for my husband on our wedding day. He loved it, like any true man would. (Also, he smelled amazing and his beard was as soft as a kitten)’

five-stars ‘It smells amazing! Distinct, fresh, unique and definitely a pleaser.’

five-stars ‘The Mighty Moko reminds me of sawdust and the smell of my Grandad in his woodshop … the balm compliments the beard oil by giving the scent an extra kick and as always I won’t have to reapply because the hold is that good.’

five-stars ‘The Zazel scent is absolutely stunning … I could bath in the stuff!’

five-stars ‘Genuinely the best my beard has ever felt and smelt after using this!!! The Firecracker!!! Fantastic.’

five-stars    ‘This stuff smells like a woodcarver had set up shop in my beard.’
five-stars  ‘This soap makes my beard look and feel incredible. It’s my favourite part of my shower routine! It doesn’t smell of much but I’ve definitely had to protect it from my wife who loves it as a face and body soap. Well worth the money and looks great on my concrete soap dish.’

five-stars “Super fast shipping, excellent packaging and overall design. The products themselves are AMAZING! My husband’s beard is so soft and his face smells so good! I have recommended this company to anyone I know with a beard or bearded spouse! You won’t regret this purchase!”

five-stars ‘My girlfriend gave me  a bottle of Mighty Moko beard oil for my birthday. I have had a decent sized beard for a few years now but this is the best oil I have ever used! It leaves my Beard and skin really soft and we both love the peppery woody scent.’

five-stars  ‘The shampoo bar is incredible, not only does it leave my beard feeling detangled, softened and deeply moisturised. It is also my girlfriends go to favourite product for keeping her skin clear!’

five-stars ‘Heady tones of cinnamon and aniseed are up front but not overpowering. I’ve a feeling this is going to be my go to beard oil for a bit of a do, it’s a special occasion beard oil.’

five-stars  ‘I’ve been using this recently and I have to say it’s absolutely phenomenal stuff. Doesn’t leave your skin dry or tight and the beard feels soft and full after use. I suffer from dry skin and this has been one of the best soaps I’ve ever used!’

five-stars ‘Great product, excellent hold, many thanks.’

five-stars   ‘Your oil and balm worked wonders at my brothers wedding!! I’ve used many products for a long time, so has my brother but we’re both in agreement that audacious is one of the best so far!’

five-stars ‘The Audacious detangling beard brush really is the best brush I own and I now use nothing else.’

five-stars ‘My partners chuffed. The packaging is spectacular. Attention to detail is impeccable. Thank you xxxx’

five-stars ‘I just got an Audacious shampoo bar, bit of a revelation using this with your oils. Always felt my beard was fairly soft as it was … turns out I was wrong 🙂 ‘

five-stars ‘Smells amazing and keeps the fuzz in good condition. Wife loves the smell too which is a bonus!’

five-stars ‘Great balm, really does wonders for my beard.’

five-stars  ‘I bought The Wood-Chopper beard oil and Audacious Beard shampoo bar this week and received them today. I absolutely love both products, the beard oil is perhaps the best quality beard oil I’ve used. Perfect consistency, long lasting smell (which is top notch) and just a joy to apply. The shampoo bar is equally as good. I’ve never used a bar before and thought I would try it. They’re simply two high quality products which I love already. Thank you.’

five-stars    ‘ I use both the oil (applied first) and then the balm – my beard is a shiny, soft, sexy beast!

five-stars  ‘The bar is awesome!’

five-stars ‘Good strong wax!’

five-stars ‘By far the best smelling wax available.’

five-stars ‘My beard was feeling a bit dry after too much fun in the sun. I put some of The Wood Chopper beard oil and their amazing beard conditioning balm on. Feels so much better and looks amazing!”

five-stars  ‘A necessity for the discerning tache grower.’

five-stars  ‘I have used your moustache wax for ages but first time I have used your beard oil, and it is fantastic. I will be ordering more when I run out!’

‘Best seller ever!  Excellent product. By far the best on the market!!!’

five-stars   ‘Fast dispatch! Great item! Does exactly as advertised! Thank you!’

five-stars  ‘Good product and great delivery time. I’m a real convert to this product’

five-stars  ‘Really pleased thanks!’

five-stars  ‘Super fast and friendly service! Highly recommended! Great product!’

five-stars ‘I hang up my axe after a hard day then oil up my beard and feel like a real man!’

five-stars   ‘This stuff smells great and goes on a treat. Keeps my wanna-be Wolverine / Beckham beard soft and manageable – especially after a workout.’

five-stars   ‘Great product. Was a hit as a birthday present!’
five-stars  ‘This stuff is awesome. I had not tried a beard balm before. It keeps it really conditioned, great delivery time too.’

five-stars  ‘Balm keeps the beard (and eyebrows) under control – This stuff is great!’

five-stars ‘Great stuff, really softened the beard up and moisturised the skin so it was not itchy….’

five-stars ‘this is my favourite beard company I use your balm time and time again nothing compares!

five-stars ‘I slap some on then warm it up with the wife’s hair dryer whilst brushing my magnificent beard. Smells great for the rest of the day. Out of all the things I’ve thrown at my beard , this beard balm has been my favourite, both to use and to smell.’

five-stars   ‘This is easily one of the best things I have ever bought. The bar makes my face feel so clean and tidy I use it every night and I would never use another product for my beard. I adore it and have just bought another you have no need to worry about looking dirty or anything it washes out fine and the charcoal makes my skin feel super cleansed!’

five-stars ‘Son in law very happy with the present.’

five-stars Best balm out there, thanks again A*****.

five-stars ‘Got my buccaneer beard oil and beard balm yesterday. The oil is amazing even after only 1 application my beard feels soft and not had a single itch since put it on. Can’t wait to try the balm. Should of got a comb cos all I wanna do now is touch my beard. Happy Xmas folks.’

five-stars ‘Both items were purchased as Xmas gifts. They came beautifully packaged, so much so, I didn’t even need to rewrap! Yay! Hubs is delighted with them and has noticed a difference already after a few days of using the oils!’

five-stars ‘Amazing. I’ve had a beard for years and always got to a point where it itched too much. This stopped that, it cleared up any itching and combined with the comb and oil left my beard looking, smelling and feeling better than ever. I’ve used this daily for over a month and it’s been brilliant and doesn’t use up too quickly!’

five-stars ‘First try of an actual beard soap and it did not disappoint……….Need very little of this soap to wash my beard and it leaves my beard really clean and soft. Definitely recommend this soap!’
five-stars ‘He finally got round to using it last week – he was a bit wary as he has very dry skin and hair so is very particular about cleansing products – however he was very pleased with the result & plans to use regularly now. It makes his beard nice and soft.’
five-stars ‘Buy it. It works a treat. Used it several times now and is much better than soap or shower gel. Will last and looks cool.’

five-stars ‘Prefer this to some of the face wash/shampoos, good lather leaves beard feeling really clean and fresh. Recommended.’

five-stars ‘My beard has never been happier.’

five-stars ‘I used this and I came out with a luscious beard.’

five-stars ‘I’m very happy with this soap the description was spot on thank you.
Tried it once and got stuck with it. It gives my beard as well as my skin a good feel after use and no more itching. Right now I ordered even more as presents.’

five-stars ‘Really like this shampoo bar, foams up nicely. Good scent and leaves my beard soft. Lasts ages too.’

five-stars ‘Great product. Bought this for my husband and he loves this brand.’

five-stars ‘Very high quality product, beautifully packaged. In fact it was so well packaged I almost didn’t want to open it!! Highly recommended.’

five-stars All of their products have a nice consistency. Everything is thought out and well made …their products are spot on!’

five-stars ‘Great product, my beard doesn’t feel dry and course anymore. This, in combination with a good beard conditioning oil is all you need to keep your beard looking awesome.’

five-stars ‘The best thing about this is that it conditions the beard hair which normally doesn’t happen for me with a beard shampoo.’

five-stars ‘The best beard wash on the market!!!!!!!!!!! An absolutely brilliant beard wash… I’ve tried and still have around 5 different products ranging from £10 to £30 BUT those are staying on the shelf as this supersedes them all.’

five-stars Great product, my beard doesn’t feel dry and course any more.’

five-stars ‘Excellent product and much cheaper than buying bottled shampoos. Leaves my beard feeling soft and nourished. The only downside is that it’s black soap and can be quite messy….but small price to pay for a mighty looking beard.’


“Absolutely mental, I am shocked at how well they have done this. A warming scent, cinnamon and a hint of bay with woody undertones … so well crafted!”

51133951_2314749812137276_4225301341615947776_n“As a diamond driller by day often working in a dusty and damp environment my beard very often becomes wirey and keeping it soft can become quite difficult at times. But since using your products I must say it’s becoming more manageable and even with the dusty conditions still remains nice and soft. Top work guys.”


“Hi! I just wanted to say how happy I am with your product!
Everything, from the speed in which it was dispatched, to the packaging it arrived in.
It was bought for my boyfriend, whose beard can only be described as mighty, as a birthday gift. Buying beard oil can be hit and miss, especially as his beard is thick and has a natural curl, but apparently I got it really right with your oil! He usually struggles to get a comb through it in the morning, but with your oil, it glides right through, and more often than not, does not require the hair dryer for styling. Whereas before, this was an everyday thing!
I mean, they also smell amazing!
4 very enthusiastic thumbs up from over here, we shall be buying more of your products for sure! Apparently I’ve found his brand, and that’s a big deal. Keep up the great work guys 😁 Jen x”


‘The Zazel scent is absolutely stunning … I could bath in the stuff!’ (The Bearded Berserker)

41304716_2221847514760840_1883346380521472000_n “I absolutely love @theaudaciousbeardco moustache wax. It’s the best hold moustache wax I’ve found.” (@beardedfarrier)

city mag

“With names like The Woodsman and The Buccaneer, these oils are promising a damn manly experience.” (as featured in the August edition of The City Magazine)

Barber magazine
41277973_2221313664814225_922270520882233344_n “So, on Wednesday I won the Wednesday whiskers competition from @theaudaciousbeardco and I received a fantastic bit of grooming goodness. The beard soap is great, has made my face feel refreshed and my beard is all beardy and soft after a week of work. Would definitely recommend giving their products a try. Give them a follow and you’ll be in for a shot of the Wednesday whiskers giveaway. Stay strong people, keep the beard audacious and beard on 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

feed the beard (9)

got my black sheep beard shampoo bar yesterday. used it today. I must say I love the way you guys take so much care in your packaging. After first use I must say that I love the subtle earthy scent and it doesn’t overpower the beard oil used afterwards (The Wood chopper also from yourselves)

wax (2)

This stuff is my first foray into moustache ownership and I must say I’m impressed.The wax as it is in the tin is really quite hard, so you’ll have to work it hard with your thumb to soften it up into a more usable and malleable consistency. I’d suggest warming your hands or warming the wax itself over a radiator before doing this, as it will make the process a lot easier.
Once the wax is in your moustache, it stays in leaving behind nothing more than a beautiful, rugged, sculpted moustache of excellence for your peers to admire and swoon over.
Being predominantly made form beeswax, the smell is quite pleasant also, which is a good thing since it’ll be sat right under your snout for the whole day! I’d definitely recommend this, even to a first-time moustachio man.

wash and groom with text

I ordered this for my husband, and he was delighted with it. It has everything he needs to keep his unruly beard in check. Speedy shipping too. Would definitely recommend.


Great quality ,lasts longer than other beard soaps I’ve used also lathers up nicely without turning your beard in to a giant bubble, would highly recommend this and other audacious products.


The Soap not only  looks amazing but with ingredients such as Shea Butter, Avocado ( a very much non-existent ingredient in many male grooming products its has Vitamin A,B,K & E) so kudos 🙂 olive, activated charcoal mixed with essential oils – Tea Tree, Tangerine, Ylang-Ylang smells absolutely divine, washes out super easy and leaves your beard ready for the next part of your beard care routine … (read the rest of the review here)é-homme-barbe-rasage-parfums-homme-1

Mon coin test déborde et regorge de pépite à vous présenter. Parmi celles-ci : The Audacious Beard Co, une marque anglaise spécialisée dans la production de soins à barbe. Je me suis intéressé à cette marque car ses soins sont confectionnés à partir d’ingrédients naturels …


“Daily routine includes a full beard wash and protect with #audaciousbeardco products. Love the oil, soaps and beard products I get from them. Just ordered another set of 3 oils, soap and a new comb. Have been buying gift sets from them for family and friends too. Even supplied the CEO of @yogscast , Mark Turpin with a set last year and he has duely thanked me for it. Keep it up @theaudaciousbeardco for your good work. I will continue spreading the word! #beard #beardoil #beardsoap #beardyman #bearded #beardclean #beardproducts #gentleman #soap”

woodsman‘Wearing a beard is one of life’s great pleasures. It’s a look that says, “Yes, I’m a man. I’ll chop down a tree and wrestle a bear for you – and then I’ll wrap you up in my arms and rock you to sleep. And I’m probably quite good at IT and pouring artisan coffee too.”

As a member of the bald-but-bearded community, I afford young swells the opportunity to address me as “Mr Upside-Down Head”. Others among them like to call me “Badger Beard” on account of the distinguished white that is an increasingly prominent feature of my face.

We all chuckle and then we make friends.

Yet ecstasy turned to agony when I contemplated the state of my skin under The Magnificence. It would itch and it would flake. It seemed like a price worth paying in order to look so dang handsome, but it was very irritating (quite literally).

Then along came The Audacious Beard Co. A few dabs of The Woodsman beard oil and I smelt divine, my beard felt heavenly … and the flaky skin was gone.

One day I shall look down from the mountaintop, king of all I survey, and say to myself, “The day that I started to treat my beard as lovingly as others treat it is the day that everything started to come good.”

Tom, South London


Bought the survival kit for my husband for Christmas and he’s a changed man! Thought I’d get him big versions while we’re on a roll. He smells delicious! Thanks! cat

shampoo bar“You can fight your beard and move the bar over the beard, but my preference is to let the bar foam in the hand and then divide it into the beard. After rinsing your skin and beard feels clean and soft. The smell mild and refreshing and best described as the smell of barbershops. Male, natural, but not predominant!

The Shampoo Bar from The Audacious Beard provides a thorough but gentle cleansing for the beard and underlying skin. Fine to use only, but for the ultimate care of your beard I also recommend to use a beard oil from The Audacious Beard You also grant yourself the best right.”  read the whole review over at Mensscene


Our Buccaneer Beard oil has received the highest grading handed out so far on The Best Beard Oil Project, which puts us in joint first place among all the other oils!
This beard oil review site is run by the eccentric beard oil collector Bobert Brush, who in his search for the world’s best beard oil has made a pledge to travel to the far corners of the Earth to gather all known beard oil specimens into a single place!

The Buccaneer which was also included in the Independent’s ‘Indybest’ top beard oils article is perfect for all aspiring swashbuckling pirates.

Here is a excerpt from Bobert’s review:

‘I was transported away to an ancient Spain, wearing a golden rimmed cocked hat and brandishing a cutlass. I was holding hostage 15 hardy wenches, all bound and tied to my centre mast, surrounded by sack after sack of beautiful, plump, ripe seville oranges – freshly pillaged from God only knows where. Whilst the helpless wenches look on, consumed with desire, I continually bounce from toe to toe in a dance of bearded pirate fury, imbued with the undefeatable strength of ten bears.’


‘This soap is fantastic stuff. I’ve been using just normal shampoo for ages and didn’t think a specific beard shampoo bar was worth the cost. How wrong I was. My beard is tamed and seems to stay in shape for longer. It smells great too and you don’t need too much to get your beard really soaped up and clean. Definitely going to be ordering more. Loved the packaging too!’
(Great feedback from Andy at


‘This is the kind of Beard Oil  I imagine Leonardo di Caprio has used while filming The Revenant. A real fearless scent for real men who like to do stuff in the wide open, like camping, building fires, or why not, fighting with bears …’

Read the rest of the review at BeardJedi


Fantastic to hear from Audacious Beardsman and photographer Jonathan Stockton . He gave us some great feedback and photographs  too:

‘I’ve previously attempted to grow a beard before but this time around, I discovered your wonderful products and I’ve noticed a huge difference in the texture and speed of growth of my luscious facial hair.

Even though my wife cannot abide my extenuated grisly appearance, I have every intention of culturing my facial fungus until the desire deserts me. I did think of growing it until the summer time but then I saw somewhere that manliness isn’t seasonal and this encouraged me to continue in my endeavours.’

Check out Jonathan’s  awesome photography website

lg‘lucky enough to be reviewing more cool beard products so here’s my “2 cents” on the @theaudaciousbeardco ‘s Beard Shampoo bar and their practical Audacious wooden soap dish. The Beard Shampoo Bar (£7.95) is sturdy, manly soap. This has me swayed being a fella who normally goes for a generic bottled beard shampoo to this. Gents this is great; it’s mild, with subtle hints of charcoal, you don’t need a lot, a wet, double hand cups worth for it to work it’s magic. (Don’t expect bubbles like a shampoo here) One rinse through and you’re done. The best thing about this is that it conditions the beard hair which normally doesn’t happen for me with a beard shampoo. There’s no real smell after use, which is a good thing as most of you will be oiling and / or balming up your face pelt. A solid 10/10 from me. Next up is the Wooden Soap Dish (£3.95). Now “Why bother?”, you might ask; well….the dish itself is simple yet quite stylish to look at, but the key feature is the grooving along the surface. These grooves help dry out your beard soap by letting air get to the underside of the bar. Simple but a sterling idea. No more slippy soap flying off the side of the shower/bath/sink so the soap has a fighting chance to dry the hell out! 9/10.’

2 (6)‘Ordered a shampoo bar and a Wood chopper oil yesterday, it arrived today. I’m very impressed with both products, the shampoo bar lathers up with just two rubs on a wet beard and leaves your beard feeling really clean and soft and smelling great. The beard oil is truly amazing, smells lovely and leaves your beard soft and conditioned. The other great thing about the oil is that it doesn’t leave your hands oily after use, I didn’t even need to wash my hands after applying the oil.’
– Thanks for the brilliant feedback Jason P :)#

The Wood Chopper

‘I’ll be honest with you.

In truth, I think it should be my girlfriend who should be writing up this

review, ever since I started using this oil – she seems to have spent more quality time with my beard than I have (smelling, touching and snuggling up to my face rug even more than usual).

Now. Just before we get started, in case you haven’t heard of the Audacious Beard Company, they are based down in Kent and founded by Jezz and Sam who stick to the raw basics of what makes a “good beard company” – beard loving people creating hand-crafted beard products, using only “natural ingredients”.

I’ve been applying it every morning for the last few weeks and every time I do I feel like I should be quickly following it up – by putting on a red n’ black chequered shirt – and picking up an axe on the way out to the woods.

Oh yes, it’s pretty darn woodsy alright.

They describe it as “bottled manliness with undertones of pine, bergamot and fearlessness” – what’s not to love?

The smell at first was quite… interesting, certainly rather potent (like most beard products really, when you crack them open), but I certainly find that after continued usage, your sense of smell gets somewhat accustomed to it, and then dilutes quite into a subtle musky scent.

I know for sure the girlfriend certainly digs it – and the smell lingers on throughout the day rather well (definitely a tick in the box for me in this regard) …’

To read the the complete review visit Beard Trimmer Bay.

Steven James Tait“So today i have used 2 of The Audacious Beard Co products. The soap i used in the shower and it smelt rather manly – thats the charcoal, still with light tones of tea tree and ylang-ylang. Once my beard was dry it was left residue free and tamed in comparisson to not using a specific beard soap/wash. Once dry i followed up with the beard balm, i have used other balms in the past and some have been quite bitty. However this has allowed me to shape and style without setting hard and has left my beard with a shine with no oily feeling. I suggest a hair dryer on hot for a few mins to soften the top of the balm – goes on easier. Two fantastic products that i would recommend. Hopefully coming to a stockist in Darlington Soon.” (Steven J  T)


bucc“Hand-blended and bottled by two artists in Kent, this citrus-smelling oil doesn’t leave behind a greasy feel, which can be a problem with some. Many of the ingredients are natural — tea tree and bergamot orange are among the contents here — and it is remarkably well-priced.”
elle march 2015

Elle magazine, March 2015 ‘Gifts for him’


GQ magazine, April 2015 ‘Male maintenance’ 

Some of our favourite testimonials and customer feedback :

huge thanks guys…….


‘Hey Sam, Jezz,
Just a thank you for the speedy delivery and quality of your products, been using them a few weeks now and my beard is free of split ends and tangles, and is almost as soft as it smells good grin emoticon
I will be a repeat customer… you have been warned >:○)

Shampoo Bar

An unexpected review (thanks Samantha) “This is the ultimate TOP – TO – TOE – UNISEX soap / shampoo bar!
As a girl I feel a bit silly reviewing a gentleman’s soap / shampoo bar – but WOW!
I’m so glad I hijacked my partner’s bar of it whilst in the shower – it’s gently exfoliating and invigorating on the body, but so silky on the skin, leaving it feeling refreshed and soft – without the tight, dried out feeling normal soap bars can leave behind. On my hair it frothed up beautifully, leaving it feeling really clean and, again, soft! It also smells wonderfully fresh, but not overpowering…. So all you girls out there with bearded – or unbearded – partners, I say again = it’s the best top to toe unisex shampoo / soap bar out there – just remember to share!
And next time we travel, we’ll no longer have to drag a multitude of different bottles away with us – just this one wonder bar. ‘’


‘-Tried this as an experiment. I have found that I really like this product. Plan to buy it in larger size next time. Love the scent and the way it make my beard shine.’

‘-Helped me fight off a bear in Switzerland using just stern looks and the wonderful scent of the oil. Found 3 mermaids in the ocean while diving as a result of using this oil. I trained an eagle to bring me tacos just using the power of the oil.
Only criticism is the bottle is not big enough!’


‘-Gorgeous earthy/woody smell and makes my hubbys beard look much tamer and helps his skin too. Great product’

Gift set

‘I’ve been using all three of these Audacious Bear Repellents in the past few months and can safely say they are the manliest scented oils out there and are also far superior in quality to the countless others oils I’ve tried, if that’s not a winning combo I don’t know what is. I’ll be re-ordering all 3 in the larger bottle size to keep my beard smelling manly and keeping those Bears at bay . Long Live The Audacious Beard Co.’ (Conan Nicol)

‘Great stuff great smell rub it in sit back and watch the rugged manlyness growwwww!!’

‘Since I started using this oil so many women have approached me with a view to impregnation that I have considered starting to shave again. Wood cutting contracts are coming in so thick and fast I now burn them and no longer actually need to cut firewood. Trees whisper to me begging to be felled. If I sit and pause from my labours birds queue to nest in my beard. All is good.’

‘Bought this as a gift for my partner, who was starting to worry about his beard being rather coarse. He’s loving it! Despite always having been very low-maintenance, he’s enjoying the new beard pampering daily ritual and even looking foward to it. We are even already noticing an improvement in shine and texture over just a few days. Its best feature? The amazing smell. It’s just a pleasant, relaxing and comforting woodsy smell none of us can get enough of. Whilst we both hate wearing things like perfume or cologne, we just love this more natural aroma. In addition, the oil itself sinks in quickly and doesn’t make the beard look greasy in the slightest. The beard is ready for petting very nearly immediately after application.

The company itself was lovely to deal with and provided excellent and fast communication when answering a query I had, and offered an all-round great customer service experience that directly addressed my concern.

Can’t recommend the product, or company, any more. Thanks for the great service!’

‘This product has changed my life. People used point and laugh at my face, gasping for breath so they could muster the energy to wheeze the word “Tramp” between each prolonged gaffaur. Kids would hide behind their mothers “Who is that horrific desheveled beast Mummy?” they would cry as they were ushered into the nearest Greggs. Since I started a liberal application of ‘The Woodsman’ my glossy face main has become omnipotent and I am now worshiped as a pleasantly fragranced God.’

‘Great oil, smells amazing, keeps beard looking and smelking great for hours.’

“I have extremely coarse facial hair, it has been likened to a wire brush and I’ve tried everything to soften it in the past, daily conditioning, deep conditioning with hot towels etc etc and nothing has ever kept it soft for more than an hour.”

”I tried your beard oil for the first time yesterday after my morning shower and it’s brilliant!!! All of the spiky, prickly feeling disappeared and it stayed smooth and soft all day. I can’t wait to try some of your other products!!”

‘Simply brilliant, the beard now shines like a Crystal pony on a sunny day.’

‘the name needs changing to “sex Panther”!!!’

“Great product! My beard is grateful! Greetings from Italy.”

“Had 2 days, beard feels better already! Thank you!”

“As described, looking forwarded to growing a proper beard now!”

“very nice smell , very pleased ,recommended.”

“Thank you !!! Really manly smell love it. Time to fight a bear.”

“As described. … bears anywhere now!! Thank you

woodsman sq

This Buccaneer beard oil customers comment made us chuckle:
“Fast delivery and smells amazing! Sexy beards ahoy!!!!!”

“Just applied the Buccaneer Oil onto my whiskers. First product I’ve used since growing it mid may. Looking forward to having a soft beard! Nice subtle smell. Will be using it everyday from now. ”

Another happy user of the Buccaneer beard oil: 

the folkpunk band Wolfe Sunday =

‘I’ve been using the Buccaneer to help keep my beard from being too mutinous as I attempt to grow it out to a length even the oldest of folk singers would be jealous of.’


a link to our etsy reviews .. cheers guys! ….

Here’s what our Beard Balm customers are saying:
“Smells awesome will be recommending to all my bearded friends.”
“Very nice balm, great seller.”
“Awesome product. Waited to use before review. Just awesome.”

Brilliant feedback from Jono:
‘Hi guys,

I purchased some of your beard balm and well what can I say?

The stuff is awesome!!!

This is my first time growing a beard, but the discomfort that came with it prior to using your product was the only thing putting me off keeping it.

As soon as I started using it, it became less itchy and more manageable!”

Congratulations on creating such an awesome product, it’s a real pleasure to use!

beard balm sq

We love to hear from our bearded and moustachioed customers….Massive thanks Mark, he ordered ‘The Wood Chopper’ beard oil:

“LOVE IT! Great item, love the narrative, more orders to come! Fear the beard!”

“My goatee accepts this manly offering of truly epic chin-brush lubricant!”

Thanks for your nice feedback Daniel. This is just the sort of wordsmithery which might win one of our  competitions.

“Thanks my item came today …Ginger Beard loves it!”

wood chopper sq

Our Moustachioed Etsy customers are loving The Audacious Beard Co’s Moustache wax.

etsy reviews

moustache wax sq


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