A celebration of your Audacious beards (film credit to Stroudys adventures)

All you discerning chaps and valiant fellows, pirates/buccaneers included , send us pictures of your Audacious Beards or Meticulous Moustaches with their new Audacious purchases and we will post them here =


illustration by the wonderful


Terry on operations in Kenya

‘Essential field gear whilst deployed out in Kenya!’ – Terry R








“Buccaneer beard oil and balm combo. My absolute favourite!” – @BeardedFarrier










“THE AUDACIOUS BEARD COMPANY is an English Company who sent me some of their oil and balm and YOU definitely need to GET YOU SOME and GET IT ON YOU!!!! The Audacious Beard Co. has several scents to choose from.. I got just this one scent so far and FIRECRACKER is a GOOD one!!!!!!!” (@beardshadesandtattoos )

38504083_2192471024365156_7128800126788698112_nLove the above photo from @stroudys_adventures. It’s a pleasure having our beard grooming products included in your camping essentials


Stunning photo from Chris Urquhart in the Icelandic Mountains wearing his Audacious Beard Baseball Cap Iceland

frozen beard


Collage_FotorThe Audacious Beard Co. were proud to sponsor the South West beard & Moustache Competitions freestyle beard category. Congratulations to the winners Gary swain, Stu blam and Brendan johnson. A big shout out to the organisers and the incredible and inspiring cause @armourtobarber

39409599_2205994469679478_7301886827781160960_nLadies day at Joondalup Brothers rugby in Western Australia and our man Tim is keeping it Audacious on and off the pitch.



Some of the @bvnorthernmonkeys at the end of a trek to the top of Mount Snowdon for charity







Iain Brown keeping cool with his Audacious Vintage Baseball Cap









Luke Bannister and his new beard grooming products











The  Bearded Farrier with an Audacious Vintage Baseball cap








Stroudy’s Adventures in Indonesia







Huge thanks to @beardedchef12 for sending his Audacious selfies.











Our Father’s day 2018 winner
















The Audaciously Bearded entries and 4 winners of our May 2018 Buccaneer beard oil competition:




Thank you to everyone that took part and shared their Audacious beard photos. We have counted up the likes and Sean Anthony Broadfoot wins an Audacious Beard Shampoo Bar and Beard Oils Collection for his Instagram entry.Collage_Fotorxxxxxx




Luke, Tim and Neil all win an Audacious Beard Shampoo Bar for their Halloween entries.

Thank you for  entering your  selfies or liking the entries , we definitely think Beards do Halloween best.



Thanks for sharing your Audacious beard and moustache selfies in our October competition. We have counted all your likes and notified the 10 winners who will each receive an Audacious Beard Co moustache grooming mini kit.




We had a great time seeing all the  entries to our Beards on wheels competition. Thanks to everyone that took part and congratulations to the winners Mickey Bushell MBE, Seth Pierce and Jamie Stenson

dan-080306 - Copy

“Your oil and balm worked wonders at my brothers wedding!! I’ve used many products for a long time, so has my brother but we’re both in agreement that audacious is one of the best so far!” – Dan M.








Big shout out to one of our loyal and very Audacious customers Daniel for sending us this great photo of his Beardy paraphernalia.






Your ‘Who’s the Daddy’ Father’s day photos 2017













Valentine’s day 2017







28536622_10156175845949555_199319132_n‘I have used your moustache wax for ages but first time I have used your beard oil, and it is fantastic. I will be ordering more when I run out!’










Black Sheep Bar and limited edition signed print competition entries:

collage-2017-02-05-1  111





Huge thank to Mattia from Italy for sharing this photo with us  of his collection of Audacious beard products, we really like the storage box.








Audacious beards adorned with baubles, tinsel, glitter, mistletoe and other festive ornamentation for our Christmas competition.













Matt Varney

Personalised beard care in a can from  Auntie Mims in collaboration with the Audacious Beard Co.

(Audacious photo by #yaboymattvarney)










Halloween Beards









Our October Audacious Beard selfie entries.












Wow, an Audacious thank you everyone for sharing your Beardy summer escapades !!!





It has been fantastic seeing your Audacious Beard selfies, a big thanks to everyone who got involved. Christopher Corra succeeded in getting 97 likes for his selfie and will receive a Beard Wash & Groom Gift Set.






Massive thanks as always to everyone that took part in our Father’s day competitions; we really appreciate you all getting involved. An extra special thanks goes out those of you that sent in your ‘Bearded Dad’ pictures, we thought they were all amazing and absolutely Audacious.



Conan Nicol scooped up the most likes for the Bearded Dad picture and wins an Audacious Beard I Love Gift set. Vikki Brown is the name picked out of the hat to win the Audacious Deluxe Wooden Gift box.








Big thanks to everyone who took part. As usual we really struggled to decide on a winner with so many Audacious Beards, awesome wheels and amazing views to choose from. After much deliberation Ben Hamilton Anderson is the winner with his tipper truck “shellea” and doodle Ethel.




steven james taitSteven James Tait, who won our Halloween beard competition back in November, shared this great photo with us which shows how his beard has come along over the last 12 months.

He says his Audacious Beard is staying until September  when its coming off to  raise cash for a  prostate and testicular cancer charity. (Maybe he can be sponsored to not shave it off instead !!!)

If  you are reading this and thinking about growing a beard check out our Audacious grooming guide for tips and advice.



123Massive thanks to all these Audaciously bearded chaps for taking part in our March competition :)#


































Congratulations Tim Butler !!! Your mountaineering in the Highlands of Scotland photo was the most liked and popular entry in our March 2016 Audacious Adventure Beard competition. An Audacious beard and moustache survival kit will be on its way to you shortly.



WinnersaaOur Valentine’s competition winners

winner collage

Here are all the amazing Audacious couples that entered our Valentine’s competition.








halloween trio



Halloween entries

Amazing entries from our Halloween Beard and moustache  scary selfie competition





Tom Russell as W G Grace

Following on from our post marking the centenary of cricketing legend W G Grace’s death, Audacious Beardsman Tom Russell has sent in this photo. Anyone else got a bearded doppelganger?
Massive thanks for sharing Tom 🙂


Above is a photo sent in by two of  our favourite and most Audaciously moustachio’d customers !

Below is Andy Stroud, Audaciously Bearded Adventurer and winner of our Summer selfie competition.


Below are the other  Audaciously Bearded  Summer Adventure selfie competition entries:

Survival adventure beard collage


Audacious Father’s day 2015 competition entries.

shampoo bar winner

Russ Ginger Bear Halliday (winner of our Shampoo bar competition)

russell wall collage_Fotor Here’s Russell Wall our T- Shirt competition winner and mixed martial arts fighter. He won yesterday by KO in the second round can’t get more audacious than that FEARTHEBEARD-FEEDTHEBEARD

Will Dermietzel Bodybuilder

Will Dermietzel competitive  Bodybuilder and Audacious Beardsman


All Amazing and Audacious entries. The 3 most popular bearded selfies  were Russell John Wall, Timothy Lee Harmer and Rob Wright who each received a free bottle of beard oil.


An amazing photo and comment by: Ronnie Thosewere-longjohns Hodge 

”This stuff smells like a woodcarver had set up shop in my beard”
(The Audacious Selfies from our BIGGER BOTTLE competition)

Lola McWellington is the winner of our 2015 Valentine gift set competition. To celebrate Valentine’s day and the beards you love, our competition required all you wordsmiths to write a (clean) little love ditty. We loved reading all your entries but think you will agree Lola’s wordsmithery is perfect:

To the guy that I love,
whose beard is so manly,
from the days when it’s smooth,
to the nights when it’s tangly.
On days newly kempt,
To the hours before grooming,
whether formal or bushy,
my heart feels are blooming.
And though when we kiss,
you tickle my nose,
Those tickles are tingles,
from my head to my toes.
With his whiskers askew,
And his moustache a-curl,
he just could not make me
a happier girl.

Here are some more great ones from you Audacious lovers of beards and ‘tasches =

poetry poetry2 poetry3

Here are some of the most Audacious photos sent in by customers for our January 2015 competition which had to have a nautical theme:

Tom Russell's photo.Daniel Baker's photo.

Allison Fraser's photo.Adam Eden's photo.

Huge thanks to everyone that had fun taking part 🙂


Above: How to wear an Audaciously twisted, meticulous moustache (Thanks for sharing Steve)

Thanks Simon for sending in these photos :

10251911_1551108518501413_2315605211566194423_n 10858621_1551108515168080_6824817614230754343_n

A brilliant Bearded Christmas competition photo from Anthony who said: ” This is me 5 weeks in. Another couple of weeks and I think I’ll be able to fend off a Bear!!!

6 dec xmas


Here is Iván from Spain wearing his Wood Chopper beard oil …. big thanks for sharing… a fantastic example of an Audacious beard “Oils smell really good and give my beard look great, thanks for these products.”

From great beards come Audacious moustaches … thanks for sharing Ste

ste moustache

Here is Dave who is very nicely demonstrating how to do Movember UK …. big thanks for sharing !


‘Dear Sirs,
Here are two photographs I took today after receiving your moustache wax product. I am 50 years old and this is my first ever beard; it is almost 8 weeks of growth…’


A pioneering beard and meticulous moustache … thanks for sharing Stephen

it is so nice to hear from our customers… Matt’s email is brilliant and he has an absolutely fearsome beard too:

‘Hi guys,

Just wish to say firstly, tremendous praise for the Beard oil range, I bought all 3 bottles as all had a fantastic write up.
I’ve had my beard for a little over a year now and have no intention of cutting it or shaving it off.
It truly does command respect and makes people look and talk to you differently. All for the positive I must add.

Here are a few pictures of my beard, I’m still unsure of what to do with it – other than grow my chin hair as long as I can – not as long as Aaron Kaufman (Fast n’ Loud), but we’ll see.

Keep up the cracking good products lads and maybe even some new stuff (ooh !!)’



‘Just got my Woodsman beard oil and its awesome no more looking scruffy!’
Very smart beard Adam … huge thanks for sharing


Buccaneer user Phil Hughes from The House of Ceteri with his tremendous beard (above)

We really like Dean’s feedback and he has an epic beard too!

‘Cheers gents (and any ladies). I now smell like an antique chair. This is a good thing.’



‘My 4 month beard now daily oiled with the Woodsman.’

A superb beard Konrad, big thanks for sharing )


“You can’t beat a Woodsman wearing Woodsman audaciously awesome.”

Thanks for sharing Glenn

‘Very pleased with my purchases to tame my first beard feeling audacious! Cheers guys.’

…. An absolutely Audacious beard James, thanks for sharing



“this has a truly great smell, my favourite at the moment and making the beard well manageable .very nice.”

A magnificent beard and moustache Karl…huge thanks for sharing!


“Hi there my names Matt and I’ve just purchased your beard oil. It’s great, here’s a photo of the beard oil with the beard. Many thanks.”An epic beard … big thanks for sharing Matt


“LOVE IT! Great item, love the narrative, more orders to come! Fear the beard! ”
Thank you Reg for your feedback and the brilliant photo … A magnificent beard !!!

“Hey guys, after a luxurious hot shower this morning I got the chance to try out my new pot of Audacious Beard Balm that I procured from our friendly neighbourhood auction site. My mane is now supersoft and ready to create even more beard envy! Everyone should buy some!”

A mighty fine beard Paul and brilliant feedback !!!


And below is Wesley and his Audacious beard…Thanks for sharing …



“Yo thanks to your beard oil it’s making me silky smooth. Keep up the good work beard bro’s!! Here’s a update of my beard…

Thanks Lee. A truly Audacious beard and contender for our monthly photo competition !!!!


“gorgeous smell. great product… I’ll start spreading the word.”

Thanks for the feedback and photo of your Audacious beard Steve, a real contender for our new monthly photo competition. ….


Before and after using The Audacious Co’s Buccaneer beard oil, the pictures say it all…..huge thanks for the brilliant photo Tom.


“present off the lady, she’s well trained. Great product, keep up the great work!!”

Thanks for the comment and photo Ste Gaynor…. an Audaciously fine set of whiskers!!!


“Please share this photo to show my appreciation for your buccaneer beard oil it’s amazing!”What a magnificent beard Russ! Thanks for sharing

“30th birthday present off the missus.”

Have a most Audacious Birthday Darren from the Audacious Beard Co.


“Love the wood chopper beard oil.” (Another happy Wood chopper user with a magnificently audacious beard) Thanks for sharing your awesome bear scaring beard Michael!



“As you know i’d already ordered The Buccaneer and The Wood Chopper, and after winning a competition i get sent the woodsman to complete the collection of beard oils, thankyou ever so much here’s a picture of myself with all 3.”

10646630_1470055876606678_6065154326956405658_n   “A picture of the beard for your collection! Greetings from Latvia!”

Huge thanks Juris for sending us a picture of your mighty beard.

10672200_1468965690049030_8286087427193945111_n Thanks for choosing The Audacious Beard Co Ciaran:

“Just applied the Buccaneer Oil onto my whiskers. First product I’ve used since growing it mid may. Looking forward to having a soft beard! Nice subtle smell. Will be using it everyday from now. ”


“Hey dudes bought your product. I’m a first time beard grower and growing this for a couple weeks now. Your product is awesome and makes my face happy. Keep up the good work!!”

Another Audacious user of The Woodsman Beard oil! – thank you for sharing Lee !


”Just wanted to say thanks for the awesome beard oils,i love the scent of the wood chopper, and the subtlety of the buccaneer’s great -doesn’t interfere with aftershave but still offers great shine and shape! Moustache wax is next on the shopping list! Hope you go from strength to strength in your beardy business venture!”

a rather fantastic Audacious Beard and meticulous moustache – thanks for sharing and the great review Daniel

mark austin

a completely awesome Buccaneer = thanks Mark!

Another happy customer with his rather superb & Audacious beard

” my dad bought your beard oil on ebay and told me to send you these pictures. He loved it soo much and can’t wait to try the other products that you are sending to him  ”

10363346_1423719447906988_8539006986246502878_n  thank you !!!!!!

Another happy user of the Buccaneer beard oil: 

the folkpunk band Wolfe Sunday =

‘I’ve been using the Buccaneer to help keep my beard from being too mutinous as I attempt to grow it out to a length even the oldest of folk singers would be jealous of.’


 Another very Audacious beard oil user, thanks Luke !

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