Halloween Audacious Beard Competition


(Photograph courtesy of Stroudy’s photography)

Here it is, our HALLOWEEN AUDACIOUS BEARD SELFIE COMPETITION and we’re giving away 3 Audacious Beard Oil and Balm Gift sets.

Visit our facebook page  to enter:

1/ ENTER your Halloween Bearded selfie in the comments

2/ FOLLOW our page (The Audacious Beard Co) – new followers welcome too!

3/ LIKE + SHARE the competition  post



The three winning entries with the most likes  will be announced on the 5th November 2018.

If you can’t wait to find out if you have won use the code ‘ABC15’ for 15% OFF any of our Audacious Beard grooming gift sets.

(Shipping only within the UK/EU. In the event of a tie names will be randomly drawn from a hat)


The Audacious Beard Shampoo Bar Product Feature

“The shampoo bar is incredible, not only does it leave my beard feeling detangled, softened and deeply moisturised. It is also my girlfriends go to favourite product for keeping her skin clear!”


Not to be mistaken for a bar of soap, the Audacious Beard Shampoo Bar was created especially for your beards and moustaches, using only the finest ingredients such as Shea butter, Avocado, Olive and activated charcoal, mixed with blends of essential oils, specifically with the aim of keeping those fabulous whiskers clean, refreshingly soft and smelling Audacious.
However, be warned, Your Shampoo Bar will be coveted by others!  Audacious partners, house mates and even visiting guests, have stumbled upon it in showers and bathrooms across the country, and sadly discovered that it works equally fabulously on the hair on your head and on the skin(leaving it feeling soft and hydrated rather than dried out and taut like most soaps). News that it works wonders from head to toe has spread. Now, unless protected, your Audacious Shampoo Bar will disappear, and, in some instances, may even be stolen!  Always leave your shampoo bar in a dry safe place, and if you share a bathroom, perhaps keep a secret stash, or buy your partner their own bar, because, once tried, you won’t want to be without – and neither will they!