Your Audacious Gift Guide for Father’s Day

The “Dad bod” is dead (kind of), Long live the “DAD BEARD!” Whether your dad is just starting his bearded journey or already dons a beard to make even Zeus a little envious, we have the perfect array of products to make Father’s day an Audacious one.

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The Audacious Pick ‘N’ Mix Gift Box

Like Ronseal, our Pick ‘N’ Mix Gift Box does exactly what it says on the tin.

  • Your choice of any large beard oil and balm.
  • A detangling wooden beard brush perfect for detangling and taming longer beards.
  • The Audacious Wooden Presentation Box (measures 18cm x 10cm x 6.5cm)



The Audacious Beard and Moustache Survival kit

If your taking your Dad away for Father’s day, the Audacious Beard and Moustache Survival Kit is the perfect accompaniment. Inspired by the ex S.A.S Lofty Wiseman’s survival kit, The Audacious Beard and Moustache Survival kit enables your whiskers to venture boldly forth into the wilderness without the wilderness getting its grubby claws into them.

The kit contains:
• Folding scissors – for trimming off stragglers- and threatening ( small )wild beasties- trimmings can be used as tinder for establishing fires, but only in dire emergencies obviously – never sacrifice the beard!
• Shampoo bar (40g)– to wash out the wilderness and keep those whiskers soft and smelling fresh – don’t want to attract the bears with beard detritus…
• Moustache wax (15ml)- for waterproofing and maintaining a good twist
• The Wood Chopper Beard Oil (10ml)- feed that beard -keeps it looking healthy and nourished and hydrated – fends off the dreaded beard itch that lurks in the wilds and dire straits
• Comb- for keeping that moustache dapper whatever
• Mirror – (design may vary) for signaling -whilst checking out how great you look!
• Hinged metal tin – to contain and protect all your precious beardy tools – or to use as a cook pot or water container when the going gets really dire – but hey, you look great!

The Audacious Bundle 2

The Audacious Beard Starter Kit Bundle

The Audacious Beard Starter Kit Bundle is a ‘must have’ for any Dad starting out in his pursuit of manliness.

Our limited edition Audacious Beard Starter Kit Bundle worth over £45 includes:

-Three 10ml beard oils with dropper pipettes
-The Audacious wooden beard comb
-The Audacious beard balm (30ml)
-Moustache wax (15ml)
-Audacious Beard Shampoo bar (40g)
-An Audacious badge and sticker
-All neatly packed into a kraft cardboard box measuring 5 x 10 x 10cm


Article by Ben Nancholas

‘Who’s the Daddy’ Father’s day Audacious Beard Competition

Ben Lambourne

(pictured: last year’s winner Ben Lambourne)

We are GIVING AWAY this ‘Beard I Love’ gift set and Audacious wooden presentation box.

fathers day

For details on how to enter visit our facebook page and submit a photo of the Audacious beard in your life (could be a SELFIE or your partner’s beard)

The entry with the most likes will be announced as the winner on Wednesday 12 June 2019.

If you can’t wait to find out if you have won use the code ‘DAD15’ for 15% OFF any of our Audacious Beard grooming products.

When buying beard care products …


Please make sure you are buying your beard care products from reputable companies. Recently we have heard about several people selling unsafe formulations. Even natural ingredients such as essential oils used in the wrong dilutions can be dangerous in pregnancy, cause skin burns, breathing problems, etc

Keeping your beard Audacious!

Keeping your beard Audacious!


Life is good with a beard. Whether your whiskers are freshly born or faithful constant companions, maintaining your beard has never been so easy with the wonderful array of delectable products the Audacious Beard Co has to offer.

Keeping your manly whiskers in shape revolves around properly taking care of them. This meticulous guide will break down how to care for and maintain your beard. Let’s get audacious ….

Beard Oil

Firecracker oil - Copy.jpg


Introduce high-quality beard oil into your daily routine, you’ll reap the rewards. With our splendid beard oils, you’ll experience all the benefits of moisturising, conditioning and strengthening your beard, whilst also taming unruly hairs and soothing your skin beneath. Our oils are hand blended and individually bottled using only the finest all-natural ingredients to leave your beard in glorious shape. Not forgetting that we add a pinch of audacity for good measure to ALL our oils.


How often should you apply beard oil?


The answer varies from person to person, whether you’re a discerning chap or a valiant fellow, whiskers come in different shapes and sizes and need to be cared for accordingly. You can use beard oil as much as you like or as much as your beard demands. Colossal beards may require 7 or 8 drops for complete coverage. Whereas smaller beards may only need 3 or 4.


Beard Balm

Mighty Moko balm.jpg


Designed to enhance your beard’s natural oils and hydrate it right to the follicles, beard balms are a superb product to prevent dry skin or the infamous beardruff. By reducing inflammation, Beard balm helps to rejuvenate hair follicles, providing a better environment for healthy hair growth. If your hair is brittle or weak, treating it with good quality beard balm can help to restore its strength and shine. The Audacious beard balm helps lock in moisture, coating the hair shaft, preventing split ends, encouraging growth , keeping the beard healthy and looking magnificent.


Similar to our beard oils, with the addition of beeswax and shea butter. Beard Balms are a leave-in conditioner that combines both conditioning and styling properties. Since balms are a little bit heavier than a beard oil, they’ll keep your beard conditioned longer. A beard balm gives a little more hold because of the added beeswax, perfect for those ravishing rogues with unruly beards


What’s the difference between a beard oil and beard balm?


It’s purely down to preference, some of our audacious gents will use a mixture of both an oil and a balm. Some prefer one over the other.


How to apply our Audacious beard balm


Scrape the back of your thumb or fingernail across the balm, similar to using moustache wax but scooping out a bigger portion. Wipe this into the palm of your other hand and with your index finger and middle finger rub in a circular motion, with vigour. At first, there will be a gritty texture (this is the shea butter) and then after maybe 10 to 15 seconds, it will turn clear and smooth. This needs to be done with dry hands as any water will make it difficult to melt. Finally, massage into your beard and comb through.


Beard Brushes and Combs


Owning a high-quality beard brush or comb is a must-have for any whisker wearer to ensure your beard stays in immaculate shape. Beard combs and brushes keep your whiskers tamed and softened, and ultimately – Audacious.


When using a beard comb: there is an art to combing your beard. Hold your beard comb so the teeth of the comb are pointing upwards. Using a relaxed grip, comb out your precious beard in an upward motion away from your face. This will separate your whiskers so you can say goodbye to that dreaded just got out of bed look


We couldn’t talk about beard combs and brushes and not mention our  Audacious Detangling Beard Brush, it’s not a run of the mill accessory. It’s perfect for detangling and maintaining your beard.




 You don’t necessarily have to use a beard brush more than once a day. Your beard is best brushed first thing in the morning or just after a shower. By brushing your whiskers first thing, you’ll loosen and brush out any dirt or dead skin cells from the previous day



Beard Shampoo


A beard shampoo offers unique benefits a standard shampoo cannot.

S BAR.jpg

We created the Audacious Beard Shampoo bar especially for beards using a combination of high-fat content oils such as Avocado to produce a bar that gently cleanses while deeply conditioning your beard. It leaves the skin feeling amazingly refreshed, hydrated and is suitable for daily use.


How often should you wash your beard?


It varies. Lifestyle plays a huge factor. Those who brave the elements for work each day may choose to shampoo 4-5 times a week. Those amongst you who work in an office may choose to shampoo twice a week.


Always remember… Feed the beard and make it Audacious!





(Huge thanks and credit to copywriter Ben Nancholas)