To celebrate Valentine’s day and the beards you love…

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‘Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Your beard is Audacious,
That’s why I love you!’

To celebrate Valentine’s day and the beards you love, our new competition requires all you wordsmiths to write a (clean) little love ditty.

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Add your entries to this posts comments feed. Our favourite from here and our facebook page will win an Audacious Beard Co gift set.

24 thoughts on “To celebrate Valentine’s day and the beards you love…

  1. When you said you’d grow a beard,
    Loss of street cred ’twas what I feared,
    But you persisted with toil
    And now your goatee needs oil
    Your face adorned in kisses from your now bristle loving Mrs!

  2. To my beardy beloved,
    Oh how I love your unshaven face
    But sometimes those stray hairs can look out of place
    What you need is some beard oil so as
    those hairs don’t continue to coil
    there’s one made my audacious that’s sure to make you look rather gracious
    I hope you get to give it a try so I can stand back and think oh my!

    From your beard loving wife

  3. I love my hubbys beard
    when we kiss it warms my face
    I even get the crumbs
    and a cheeky taste
    of biscuits, beer and kebabs
    from my fella’s tache
    but with some stuff from audacious
    he’d smell great and I’d relax

  4. Your hairy face fascinates me
    Your handlebar look is wowsers
    It’s in your DNA to grow great hair
    I can tell by your monkey trousers

  5. Ode to my beard –

    Oh Follicles,
    Oh Beard,
    Oh how I love thee.

    I love my facial scruff,
    My furniture,
    My face all fuz-zy.

    The horrors, the dread,
    how weird would it be?
    To be without you my sweetheart Bear-dy.

    Oh Follicles,
    Oh Beard,
    Oh how I love thee.

    Clean shaven I shan’t,
    ever be.
    As how would I use my oil,
    from the Audacious Beard Company?

  6. Bristles on my chin and whiskers on my lip,
    I’ve been sporting a beard, since before it was hip,
    Back in the day, some thought it was weird,
    Now those same detractors, have audacious beards,
    To tell you the truth, I’d definitely mourn,
    The loss of my face fuzz, if it was shorn,
    As for my missus, well….she loves my beard too,
    I know ‘cos I asked and she said…………….I DO!!

  7. Nothing can make your girl friskier
    Than well-coiffed whiskers

    So here’s my heartfelt advice
    To make your scruff feel nice

    Get your good grooming needs
    From Audacious Beard Company

  8. Beards are great when tamed and preened, not so good if unkempt and uncleaned. So use those products to keep it in style or all of us women will run a mile !

    • From Hardy to Gosling I can’t get enough
      Of that wonderful, fabulous, full facial fluff
      Henry Cavill, I’ll do you a deal
      Just one little beard tug and I’ll end this ordeal
      And poor Justin Bieber, the little guy tried
      Leave it to Idris and swallow your pride

  9. Oh dear, dear beardie, oh dearie,
    The girl of my dreams, she won’t come near me,
    She says my face is too hairy and prickly,
    Give me a balm to make it feel lovely!

  10. I love stroking your beard
    And gazing into your eyes
    But one thing you should know
    It really scratches my thighs…….

    (haha, I’ve made myself blush!)

  11. At first i did not like your beard,
    I thought it made you look quite weird,
    But now i think it looks quite buff,
    Even if my mum still calls you a scruff,
    Whether its short or whether its long,
    My first impression was so wrong,
    As now i really love your beard,
    And now it does not look so weird,
    I know that is just repetition,
    But i have entered a competition,
    To win some goodies to make it shine,
    My lovey, hairy valentine.

  12. People used to step aside,
    Scurry past with eyes so wide,
    – hairy, scary bearded guy
    But now it’s cool, now it’s hip
    To have some hair on chin and lip
    – lovely, cuddly, bearded guy
    With oils and potions, combs and lotions
    Beards are tamed, and even famed
    So raise a glass and toast at last
    – the fantastic, fabulous bearded guy!

  13. Would you still love me
    If I shaved off my beard,
    That growth that I’ve reared
    So tidy and revered?

    Would you still be endeared
    If I were to shear,
    The hirsute wonderment
    They label a beard?

    So prickly and hairy
    and wonderfully weird
    That look that nature
    So deftly engineered

    But it would soon reappear
    And I’d have to cheer
    You really can’t make
    A beard disappear!

  14. We are the setting for your feature’s picture.
    We are the frame devised by nature.
    From the curls and folds of Santa’s locks
    To Jared Leto’s one that rocks,
    Clooney’s salt and pepper trim
    Every schoolboy still trying,
    Across the world all faiths and races
    We are universal to all men’s faces
    We are beards …and we are proud.
    Some understated some shouting loud
    You may leave us wild , or preen and shape us
    But on we grow , for we are audacious

  15. The first time that my boyfriend said,
    “I want to grow a beard”
    The likes of Gandalf’s fuzzy head
    Was what I really feared.

    While beards are great, there’s nothing worse
    Than those that look a mess
    That’s why I’ve penned this little verse
    To win, I must confess.

    As if he’s going to grow more hair,
    I’m going to be quite gracious
    But I’ll insist that he plays fair
    And tames it with Audacious!

  16. Your beard was there before the trend,
    To you it is your bestest friend!
    It is there to stroke when you are down,
    Its the biggest, coolest beard in town!
    I love you and your facial hair,
    You’re my lovely, hairy, bearded bear!

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