New competitions



Send us photos of your Audacious Beards and Meticulous Moustaches. At the end of each month we will choose our favourite and post the winner a freebie. Here are some of the amazing photos our customers have sent in so far.



Because we have enjoyed the wonderful wordsmithery of all you Audacious Bearded Bards out there who have left such fantastic and entertaining feedback and reviews – we have decided to reward our favourite comment at the end of EVERY MONTH with a freebie …
September’s winner is Mr Wilderspin = for both of these wonderful feedback comments

“I feel the forest calling, my axe beckons and the bears cower with every waft…….I am now in control of a ship and leaving this feedback after a good raid. Arrr!”

A complimentary bottle of ‘The Wood-Chopper’ is on its way to you.

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