Audacious and magnificent beard competition news

beard-golden_fotorIt’s time to announce the winner of our Audacious and magnificent beard competition. Choosing the winner was no easy task with every entry being a fine example of Bearded Audacity but after much deliberation the winner of an Audacious Beard oils and balm gift set is Brendan King:

‘The beard in my life is audacious for many reasons. It affords me a certain gravitas, like all if life’s great thinkers: Darwin, Freud, Lincoln, Gandalf and Pai Mei. It affords me a stroking device for mid-conversation so it appears I am being attentive and contemplative, when in fact I am just staring off into the distance. It gives me son somewhere to hide his Lego, as well of something to stroke absentmindedly whilst he is falling asleep. It allows small woodland creatures shelter from the rain. It protects my chin from the elements. It catches the sun and dances like fire. It is not so much a part of me as the sum of my parts. I am my beard. My beard is me.’ (Brendan King)


Get your fingers typing for the September wordsmithery competition……

Because we have enjoyed the wonderful wordsmithery of all you Audacious Bearded Bards out there who have left such fantastic and entertaining feedback and reviews – we have decided to reward our favourite comment at the end of EVERY MONTH with a freebie  =  here are a couple of fantastic examples from this month …

This Audacious Woodsman beard oil user is working his wordsmithery …

“I feel the forest calling, my axe beckons and the bears cower with every waft.”

… a great candidate for ‘wordsmith winner’ of the September freebie competition!

The Woodsman – beard oil | The Audacious Beard Co
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A bearded Buccaneer leaves brilliant feedback :

“I am now in control of a ship and leaving this feedback after a good raid. Arrr!”—beard-oil/

The Buccaneer – beard oil | The Audacious Beard Co
10ml of bottled mischief and adventuring in far away exotic places… With its blend of four essential oils and vitamin E, the Buccaneer combines the aromas of rum and exotic spices…